“It is impossible to adequately describe the warmth of the place, the impression of hospitality, the cool crispness of the salads or the flavor of the food"..."Up at Giusti’s, there is a warm friendliness, a genuine desire to accommodate. That atmosphere emanates from people who are happy with their lot in life and want you to be happy too.”​​​


- the late Erle Stanley Gardner 1965

 [noted author / special friend to the Delta & Giusti family]


1 - When you pull up to Giusti's expect "eclectic." We're a building that's been standing for over 100 years and it shows in both the exterior and interior of our establishment. Some may think of us as an eyesore, but to many, Giusti's is a "visual feast" for the eyes. Giusti's is a history that speaks for itself and over the years we have tried and continue to try to keep as much of its history as possible. After all, it is what gives our place a particular and unique ambience. 

2 - We are an Italian restaurant, but we offer a variety of food, as well as a full bar. We offer dishes ranging from pasta, sandwiches, steaks, salads, seafood and many more items, some of which are generation-old family recipes. We also carry many local wines from the Delta region, such as Clarksburg and Lodi. See our Menus for more information. 


3 - We are considered an "old fashioned" restaurant. We accommodate our customers on a "first come, first serve" basis and we do not take reservations or seat parties until everyone in the group is accounted for. However, we will always accommodate larger parties and try to do so in a timely manner. In addition, we do not do separate checks and we do not accept credit cards as a form of payment. However, we do have an ATM machine in our bar area.

4 - We are a scenic location and although we do not have a direct shot of the river from our dining room, we do have an outdoor patio, an adjacent deck at the levee level above the river and a boating dock across the way where you can capture our beautiful scenery. See On the Map for more details. 

5 - The majority of our staff has been with us for over 10 years, while many are pushing it to 40 years! We are a close knit "family" that brings fun and humor to work, as we take pride in what we do and strive to make our customers happy.

6 - We are a common gathering place for many farmers and locals. They aren't shy and will welcome newbies in as if it were their own home, but be prepared for discussion of politics in the daytime!

7 - There are over 1,200 hats on our ceiling and tons of memorabilia plastered on our walls. There are almost 300 framed pictures of Giusti's memories that hang in our bar. Most of the pictures that consume these walls are of recognizable sports celebrities, movie stars, media personalities, government officials, local celebrities and family members whom have visited or been a part of Giusti's over the years. Many of the photos are autographed. In addition to the pictures, animal mounts, many of which have been hunted by owner, Mark, also take up a portion of our walls. See our Gallery to view photos of our memorabilia and our crazy collection of hats. 


It is apparent that we are the dumping grounds for trucker hats. Our ceiling is very colorful to say the least; truly one of a kind, and there's even history in their story.

Part One - In the Beginning

In the early 1980’s, local Delta businesses, agribusiness companies and farmers were creating their own logos for baseball-style hats and were eventually giving them to customers, suppliers and friends. During this time, these hats began showing up at Giusti’s, as they were often accidentally being left behind at closing time. As the number of unclaimed hats began to pile up, Giusti’s bartender, Mark II (nicknamed "II" to avoid confusion with Mark Morais), got the inspiration on a slow night at work to hang these hats on the ceiling over the bar.  By the time he was finished he had almost two full rows of hats hanging from the ceiling.  As customers began to notice the hats, many of them wanted to add theirs to the display. Almost overnight Mark II’s inspiration became a rapidly growing trend.

Part Two - A Delta Community Challenge Becomes A Giusti’s Fundraising Success Story

During the same period of time, there was a year when the River Delta Unified School District was facing a severe budget strain, and as a result, had made the decision to eliminate competitive high school sports. This meant that both, Rio Vista and Delta High Schools, and the Delta communities they served, would see a long standing part of community life eliminated. Owner, Mark, a Delta High School graduate and outstanding athlete in the late 1960’s, saw that challenge as a time to step up for a good cause. In response, he pledged to raise $25,000 to help fund the River Delta high school sports programs to keep them alive that year, and he did!

Mark came up with the idea of raffling off the hats on the ceiling to help raise part of the $25,000 pledged. Local News Channel 10 picked up on the story and added their media sponsorship to the Giusti’s Hat Raffle Fundraiser. From there, it took on a buzz of its own, as the community’s interest and desire to help save their high school sports programs began to grow. Dan Adams from News 10 came to report on the event when the raffle day arrived, and because of the great publicity the entire ceiling of hats was auctioned off that night and a good amount of money for Delta high school sports programs was raised as a result.

The unexpected after effect of the fundraiser was that the purchasers wanted to donate the hats they had just purchased, back to the Giusti's ceiling. They felt good about helping the community who was in need and seeing the hats remain at Giusti’s was a reminder of that feeling for them. Those hats remain on Giusti's ceiling and our crazy collection only increases by the day! 



The Story Behind the Hats